Bougherra keen on move to Arsenal after Wenger sings his praises

Bougherra said: “I am tired after the World Cup so I want to have a holiday and recharge for next season,”

“First of all I am a Rangers player, my contract runs until 2012, so I am fine there.

“I heard that Hamburg and Arsenal are interested through the papers, but there is nothing official as yet.

“I would choose the Premier League if I had a choice, I love the English mentality and their football is the best.

“I want to test myself against the likes of Rooney, Drogba, Torres and Adebayor as those guys let you know what level you are at.

“For me, it is also time for pay back because I don’t think a lot of people remember that I played in the Premier League with Charlton”

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Could be a good back up signing however I believe if Wenger was to sign a player aged 28 then he would more likely go for the more established star who will make the first team straight away and not buy a defender who is more than likely to sit on the bench and get worse as each season goes by.

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  1. Ridha says:

    take magic he is an excellent player, if he plays with you no one can shoot a goal neither roony nor drogba nor torres

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