What Wenger Wants

Goalkeepers aren’t that exciting to watch. There isn’t a huge following around them, their talents often unappreciated. I mean, let’s face it: you won’t see a Bend it Like (insert goalkeeper) movie popping up any time soon. But even though they’re not fan favorites, football clubs still realize their importance and often push the proverbial panic button when they go down.

In the case of Arsenal, their goalkeepers are dropping like flies. After Vito Mannone and now Wojciech Szczesny have went down, out for a reported six weeks each, The Gunners are left with only Manuel Almunia as their goalkeeper.

This has led Arsene Wenger to spring into action in order to keep the ship sailing. He’s rushing to bring some talent in to fill the necessary gap while Wojciech, the established #1 for Arsenal, recovers fully from his injuries.

The odds of Arsenal playing to full form with what is essential a third-rung goalkeeper are not good at all. You need key skill players in key skill positions, the goalkeeper being perhaps the most important out there – although he may never fully reap the rewards of other stars.

Due to Szczesny’s finger injury sustained versus Barcelona on Tuesday, this talented 20 year old is going to miss at least six Premier League games and possibly the FA Cup semi-final if Arsenal is able to defeat Man U on Saturday.

Players switch around in the league like musical chairs, going on loan, being transferred, and some outright walking away. For most footy players, their numbers get called up at random like Internet roulette, landing them in some grizzly situations. For the other players, the big-name talents, teams do whatever they can to hold on to them or to steal them away, especially during this time of the season.

That means that any goalkeeper worth his salt isn’t going to come over to Arsenal freely. It’s going to cost Wenger to bring in some talent this late in the game, even if it’s only a temporary measure until Arsenal’s #1 is healed. But this is something Wenger wants and that Arsenal needs, so expect to see some talent coming in to fill the shoes until either Mannone or Szczesny are back in the lineup.